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Projects – Throughout Québec

Place des citoyens, Parc Claude-Henri-Grignon - Year 2013

999, boulevard de Sainte-Adèle,
New building

2014 winner of the Cecobois award of excellence in the categories: "Institutional Building less than 1000 m² and Sustainable Development".

Publication in: 2014-15 Wood Design Awards, North American division.

Finalist for the 2014 municipal Ovation Merit in the category: "Culture, Heritage, Sport and Recreation" awarded by the municipalities union of Quebec."

Institutional Building, main structure in wood (glue-laminated wood).

Gusa Inc. did the structural design of the building, the plans and quotes including the foundation, the floor structure, the main structure as well as the roofing plan. The building is mainly comprised of timber. The curvature of the roof procures a ceiling height of up to 24 feet.

Inaugurated on September 8, 2013, La Pace des citoyens has a surface area of 3000 f² over two floors. Housing 2 multi-functional rooms (Rousseau-Vermett room and park-side room) that can accommodate between them nearly 300 people, seated or standing. The flooring in the two rooms is made of polished concrete. The building is also equipped with a reception area, changing rooms, and a kitchen space. Under the front part of the curved roof, in front of Saint-Adèle boulevard, hides a covered plaza.

OMH de St-Jérôme (St-Jérôme Municipal Housing Bureau) - Year 2013

480-484 Labelle, St-Jérôme
Addition of 2 new elevators in housing buildings.

New steel structure attached to an existing building.

Gusa Inc. did the structural design of the frame housing the elevators, the plans and specifications including the plans for the foundations, main structures, new roofs as well as the anchoring systems in the existing buildings.

These elevators serve 7 floors and can accommodate 15 people. They were installed in the housing buildings while the premises were occupied.

Private residence - Year 2014

New residential building of 1020 f².

Gusa Inc. designed the foundation plan as well as the structural certification of the prefabricated walls, floors and the roof, all in light-weight steel.

The particularity of this structure is that it is very durable due to its non-combustible and non-corrosive characteristics. Steel is a durable material that does not diminish and does not rot because it is inorganic, which makes it a recommendable material regardless of climate.

With a notable light weight, this structure makes for rapid execution on the construction site, thus saving time.

Commercial building - Year 2014

Zhuangjiakou, Chine
New building of 19,250 f².

Gusa Inc. designed the plan of the main structure (glue-laminated wood), of the floor, roof and did the structural certification of the pre-fabricated walls, all in wood.

7 commercial buildings of three (3) floors, of wood structure and with elevators. Our expertise in the field of wood allowed us to produce highly detailed plans as well as go to the construction site to approve the structure compliance of the constructed buildings.

Various Signage Projects

New signs, all over Canada.

  • Classic Tower Sign (A&W)
  • Sign anchored to a building (Air Canada, Rona L'entrepot)
  • Directional structure (Parc Jean Drapeau)
  • Tall signs (SoniPlastic)

Regardless of whether or not the sign is dependant of an existing surface, its design requires structural study. When attaching it to an existing surface, calculating the oncoming wind force (tall signs) or even when ensuring the solidity of the ground anchor, each sign, each billboard is unique, in its weight, its shape, its location and its height, so nothing can be left to chance with these structures, which can sometimes be great in size.

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