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Project management

We offer a project management service and supervision of work to allow you to conduct quickly, optimal and professional construction and renovation to be realized, while minimizing the time you will devote and risks associated with the management of such a project.

Our services cover all phases of construction, from the conceptual planning to the planning of feasibility studies, detailed design of plans and quotes, as well as support services.

Whether you are an owner, contractor, property managers, we accompany you from the start of projects, from the phase of conception until the installation, through the approval of shop drawings for the manufacturing of your products, our project managers work in close partnership with the various involved professionals and take advantage of their knowledge and technical skills to ensure success. We make your priorities ours.

In project management, we ensure proper coordination techniques, we implement bidding procedures, preparation of bidding documents, sending of invitations to bidders, site visit, selection of the best compliant bidder and assistance during contract signing.

We perform monitoring and surveillance of the works (adherence to the schedule, approval of payment requests, etc.) in order to ensure respect of the plans and quotes, construction standards, manufacturers' recommendations and good practices.

We have developed this service to increase the quality of execution on our works and to help building managers and owners find success in their construction and renovation projects.

Construction site surveillance is carried out by experienced persons who hold the required technical and professional skills, the supervision of the construction site includes surveillance and coordination activities in terms of safety, quality and productivity of the projects with which we are entrusted.

Construction site surveillance proves to be essential to certify the compliance and the quality of the execution of works and of the materials used, as well as the fulfilment of all requirements. From manufacturers' specifications to official data sheets, everything is reviewed so that the assemblies match the required performance criteria.