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Wood structure engineering

Need a specialist in calculations for your wood structures?

GUSA will examine your project in Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia and more. We are experts in the use of this material.


One reason that stands out is the environment. A wooden framework is compatible with an ecologically responsible approach. Plus, a wood structure is less expensive and faster to build. Also, it is an excellent insulating material, so resulting energy savings are considerable. Wood allows for great architectural versatility and adapts to any site. It offers great comfort in the absence of thermal bridges and allows for good temperature regulation in all rooms.

And if you want to expand later on, no problem! Finally, contrary to popular belief, wood is more resistant against fire and earthquakes.

Be a part of an environmental approach


Our team is trained in the calculation of wood structures, their design, position and stability. We are established experts in the analysis of base elements of frames, connections and all other relevant areas. Regardless of whether you project is in habitation, work of art, wood bridge, gazebo, walkway, we'll make sure you take advantage of our expertise. Like you, we are very concerned with environmental problems, and we are invested in completing these types of projects in the shortest time frames and in respect of your budget. We are also experts in the examination of metal structure projects.

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  • Versatility / multi-disciplinary
  • Rapid execution
  • Know-how

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