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Experts in Building Structure

For the structural study of your building, contact GUSA in the province of Quebec.

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A structural engineer is in charge of the development of a building's framework and ensures the stability in consideration of the site and materials used. For example, he or she designs the specifications for structures in reinforced concrete, wood or steel. They have a comprehensive view over the whole project and ensure its stability and longevity.

They draw on the expertise of architecture professionals and their skills in terms of knowledge of the material, analysis, organization, thoroughness and anticipation. This expert's main concern is to protect the population and infrastructure from natural disasters.

Establish a partnership with a skilled stakeholder on your construction site.


GUSA offers engineering services in terms of design and analysis of building structures. We are experts in the use of different materials, such as wood, steel and concrete. We conduct studies for all kinds of institutional projects (libraries, hospitals), commercial (administrative offices, police) or residential projects (apartments). We prepare the blueprints, the engineering of foundations for main structures of wood and steel as well as the reinforcement of existing structures.

Our areas of expertise are centred on the design of new structures, the reinforcement of existing structures, the detailed designs for renovation, or expansion projects. We assess buildings and ensure coordination and supervision on the construction sites. What sets us apart is our ability to deliver on construction sites within the set time frame.

Receive a consultation with a professional in building structure.


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