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Concrete Structure Engineering

You have a concrete construction project coming up.

GUSA takes care of the expertise and mandatory inspections everywhere in Canada. We will provide the plans and the quote for your project.


Made from natural raw materials, healthy, durable and with great adaptability to all projects, concrete is an interesting material from all points of view. It carries, however, an unwarranted bad reputation. Let's take a look at some of these misconceptions: contrary to what people think, concrete has a strong thermal performance, it is recyclable, does not require a lot of water, does not generate a lot of CO2, and it ages relatively well. So it can be considered eco-friendly!

Choose a natural material


We conduct the structural analysis and calculate your concrete structures with the help of performing software. We model structures like walls, shell structures and frames. So you can see your project concretely. Our team, quick in the execution of projects, will provide your plans and quote for any type of project, even ones of large scale. As consultant engineers, we are multi-skilled and have a strong structural expertise.

A material that adapts to your requirements


  • Personalized service
  • Versatility / multi-disciplinary
  • Rapid execution
  • Know-how

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